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Murals vs. Public art can mean a lot of things depending upon who you ask. Working in a space via commission is an entirely different game, especially if you are doing the work for an official entity. Knowing the client and how the artwork serves their needs is paramount to a successful and powerful image, one that can be viewed under many contexts. A mural that can indicate a trajectory for a community's future while paying heed to the history of a place. It can do more service to those who inhabit a place knowing these factors. Taking the time to understand why an image should exist in a place while being supported by a budget which can bolster the effort and align with the aesthetics of the building and the place is ultimately the goal.
Balancing desires with practicality, longevity, and geography is crucial to success. While Street art is more forgiving, a commissioned public work balances many variables to deliver a work that is substantial and appropriate to the many audiences an artwork serves.