STREET MURALS > Articulated Energy - Yin Yang Dragons

A spontaneous collaboration with artist Daniel Anguilu after a 30-minute discussion about energy. The green dragon I painted represents the flow of yin, it points upwards towards the yang direction. Daniel's warmer palette of colors on his yang dragon representation points downward in complementary fashion. The interplay is a dance between yin and yang and is an integral part of both our journeys of understanding energy. While we painted, performance artist and fire breather Y.E.T. came and joined us to emulate a fire breathing dragon. Pin Lim captured the action and made a stop motion animation chronicling our process.

A collaboration with artist Daiel Anguilu. WEAH. Houston, Tx On the side of Frenetic Theatre now called the Pilot.
Acrylic enamel and aerosol paint
20' x 30'
Pin Lim Forest Photography. Artists Daniel Anguilu and Angel Quesada paint Articulated Energy at the Pilot a center for performances and dance.
Acrylic enamel and aerosol paint